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    Just 5 days left to our next Open Day on 24th June 2018

    Open Day 8th April 2012!

    Visit us this Sunday on our 1st Open Day of the year! We have over 300 animals to see, a tombola, refreshments, an Easter Egg Hunt etc. You can also book a private professional photography visit with our photographer Dave from Periscope Photography, follow the link bellow:


    THANKS to

    • Alan Parker Flooring for helping us with our new Monkey Kitchen!
    • everyone who attended the Charity Race Night at the Bourne Corn Exchange, over ₤300 was raised!
    • THANK YOU to everyone who attended our Christmas Fayre. Over ₤900 was raised!
    • Kestrel Timber Frame for donating a flat to the Refuge!
    • Animal Friends Insurance company and  to all our supporters who voted for us at Feel Good Park on Facebook! We have received ₤1,500! 

    And Big Congratulations to Sandy Fox, our chief fundraiser, for raising over ₤14,500 for the refuge throughout the year 2011! THANK YOU Sandy from all of the animals and everyone at EPR. Follow the link bellow for Sandy's story:


    Animal arrivals from November to February:

    November: micro pigs, a rabbit, a chipmunk, a ferret, a royal python, an Asian gecko, and an ocellated skink

    December: two bearded dragons (one with metabolic disease, the other malnourished), a small tortoise (found, was buried from last August) and a golden plover (with shot wing), another bearded dragon, 2 leopard geckos and a barn owl (released)

    January 2012: a bearded dragon, a baby boa, a baby cornsnake, an African grey parrot, an yellow crested cockatoo, a dove, a little owl, barn owl (released) and tawny owl (released) 

    February 2012 (so far): a swan (released), a blackbird, a small bearded dragon, a dove and a small deformed tortoise