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  • Open Days 2012

    We would like to Thank to all of our visitors, volunteers and supporters for helping us to continue providing safe refuge to animals in need! The most of this year's open days were extremely successful mainly because of a new rented car park, VIP guests, good weather, plenty of advertising and the great generosity of the public!

    Amount of money raised

    in April: around ₤7,000

    May: ₤4,300

    June: £2,900

    July: £6,500

    September: £4,800

    October: £4,600

    A special Thank You goes to Mr. Warwick Davis and his lovely family for visiting us during the July Open Day, spreading the word about the Refuge and signing many autographs!

    Hope you all come to the Refuge Christmas Fayre, 2nd December 2012, or sometime next year!

    Animal Arrivals April - October 2012:

    Baby Skunk, Palm Civet called Barry, Ferret, baby Fruit Bat, many Hedgehogs (released), 2 baby Polecat Ferrets

    3 Cockatiels, 3 Budgies, 5 Ring-necked Parakeets, Doves and Pigeons (released), Wild Birds & Ducklings (released)

    2 Leopard Tortoises, 3 Map Turtles, Chinese Soft-shelled Turtle, 2 Bearded Dragons, Iguana, Tortoise, Terrapin, 3 Corn Snakes, Leopard Gecko, many Aquatic Snails

    Red-tailed Hawk, 2 African Spotted Owl Crosses (with Asian Eagle Owl), 3 Barn Owls, Kestrel


    New Arrivals - February and March 2012

    3 Skunks

    3 Raccoons

    a Silver Fox

    3 baby Squirrels, an adult Grey Squirrel

    a Yellow-bellied Terrapin, an young Green Iguana and a Plated Lizard

    a Kookaburra, a Little Owl, a Sparrow Hawk, a Buzzard and a Duck