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    The Refuge survives on donations and volunteer work alone. If you can spare any money to donate to the Refuge, you can get in touch with the Refuge, donate via text or via Just Giving. Alternatively you can sponsor an animal.

    The link for our Just Giving fundraising page:



    All the animals at the Exotic Pet Refuge need to be stimulated - Enrichment is a daily activity that the staff and volunteers provide for the animals and we need your help with resources. Can you donate or provide funds for the following items?

    • Hessian bags
    • Footballs, tennis balls, rugby balls, basket balls
    • Hanging baskets (metal)
    • Rope in all sizes, webbing straps
    • Cable ties
    • Towels and blankets 
    • Round wooden blocks or round wooden posts

    You can have a look on our Amazon Wish List that lists all items we can put in good use:



    If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at the Refuge or in helping in any other way, please contact us.

    Thank you for your support!