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  • Adam

    Capuchin Monkey
    December 1990
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    Capuchin Monkey Cebus paella/Cebus olivaceus mix

    Adam was born unexpectedly at the Refuge in 1990. Adam’s mother Merlin had changed from being a male to a female capuchin and this is the reason his birth occurred, Merlin who is a tufted capuchin lived with another male, Galen, a weeper capuchin and he fathered Adam. Adam has also gone through this change so is now really more female than male. This condition, which is very rare is called hermaphroditism and for us to have two capuchins with this condition, even though they are related is much rarer still. Adam had to be hand reared as Merlin had no milk and no natural instincts to be able to care for her baby at that time.
    Adam is a very cheeky capuchin held in great affection by all at the EPR.

    Capuchin monkeys get their name from their colouration and the way their fur resembles the cowl worn by the Capuchin Franciscans (catholic friars). Capuchins inhabit many different areas , from beaches to high in the trees of the rainforest, through to mangrove swamps. Thye eat a wide range of fruits, vegetables, nuts, buds and carrion when the chance presents itself. They are good tool users and if near water will use stones as tools to crack opens shells or crabs they find to eat.