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    Common Marmosets
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    Marmosets Callithrix jacchus - Jasper and Joey

    Jasper and Joey have been with us since 2012 when his owners decided that they could no longer provide the care that was needed for them and when the marmosets started to bite them. This is something that happens with single marmosets, particularly males when they are kept as pets in a home environment. 

    Marmosets spent all day feeding on fruits, nectar gum and insects in the tree canopies. They make a distinctive whistling call and communicate through this and their scent to develop strong social ties. Sunlight is very important to marmosets and in their native country this is provided naturally through the strong sun rays.

    Captive marmosets from the pet trade often develop health problems from lack of sunlight that affects their bones as they usually do not have outdoor enclosures and are not given any artificial sunlight by way of UV bulbs in their enclosures. It is also extremely important to provide captive marmosets with the correct diet, our marmosets have a mixture of fresh fruit and vegetables, insects, baby food and cereals. They live for around 10-15 years.

    Most marmosets are about 8 inches long and relative to other monkeys they show some apparently primitive features, they have claws rather than nails and tactile hairs on their wrists.

    Did you know that a marmoset’s body temperature is unusually variable changing by up to 4oc in a day. Part of their Latin name (Callithrix) comes from the ancient Greek meaning beautiful fur.